About us

Scholten Makelaars: the real estate agency in Amsterdam

We are proud Amsterdam residents, this city is our home. And we want the same for you. That wonderful place where you can truly be yourself. That is why we have been purchasing and selling houses in Amsterdam for over 40 years.Estate agents in Amsterdam for more than 40 years

We are not just real estate agents who happen to be based in Amsterdam – Amsterdam has been our home all our lives. This beautiful capital is where we were born and raised. We have decorated and furnished our offices to give them a nice homely atmosphere - with a huge image of the Amsterdam canals on our wall, a picnic table in our garden, and a comfortable awning where you can sit back and relax. After all, the Amsterdam real estate business is in our genes, passed down from father to son, for more than 40 years.

We deliver what we promise

Our work ethos reflects the same Amsterdam spirit. We are open and honest, straightforward, and live up to what we promise. That real go-getter mentality is in our genes. You can always rely on us: we are your allies during the entire purchasing or selling process. You will know exactly what to expect, without any unpleasant surprises afterwards. A feeling of trust and everything is taken care of. We are the real estate agency in Amsterdam and here to help you.

We get you your house in Amsterdam

We know Amsterdam and its housing market like no other. With over 40 years of experience, we know our way around even in this overheated market. We can find you your perfect house in Amsterdam and sell your house at the best possible price. Guaranteed, because we only go for the best result. But that is not all we do. We do more than just selling and purchasing houses – we truly make Amsterdam your home. We tell you where to find the best local bike shop, the fastest public transport route to your work, and the most wonderful hidden gems such as great cafés and restaurants. We support you in every way!

Registered brokers and NVM-accredited real estate agency

Besides being experts on the Amsterdam housing market, we are registered brokers and affiliated with the Dutch Association for Real Estate Agents (NVM). This guarantees that we are experts and receive follow-up training on the latest developments and regulations. We offer excellent services, aim for the best quality (and price), and enjoy the typical Amsterdam convivial atmosphere. This is who we are:

What can you expect from us

In addition to being at home in Amsterdam, we are a registered estate agent and a member of the Dutch Association of Real Estate Agents (NVM). You can rest assured that we are professionally trained and up-to-date. We offer service, go for quality (and the best price) and love Amsterdam's cosiness. This is what we stand for:
We’re always happy to receive your call, get your email, or see you in our office.
Whatever your question, we will answer it!
We’re here to help, even when you don’t expect it.
We work hard and are always on time.
We are a great and enthusiastic team. You will feel right at home.

Get to know our team

Richard van Gaelen
Register makelaar / Taxateur
Priscilla van Heijningen​
Vastgoed Manager Huur & Buitenland
Joost Scholten
Register Makelaar / Vastgoed specialist
Salvador Toornend
Kandidaat Makelaar/Taxateur o.g.
Sacha Gunther
Office Manager
Frank van der Veldt
Register Makelaar / Vastgoed specialist