Getting your house market-ready

Is your house in Amsterdam market-ready?

Getting your house ready for the Amsterdam housing market

The moment has arrived. Your house is going to be listed! It’s time to make sure that your house looks tip-top, spick and span, shipshape, or whatever you like to call it. You now have to get your house market-ready to get the best price. But what if you don’t have time, or you're not that good with a hammer or paintbrush? Even though some of the skirting boards need fastening and one of the kitchen cupboard doors hangs at an angle. No worries, we are here to help you out. Scholten Makelaars has several facility experts who can get your house market-ready in no time at all. They can make sure that the new residents can move in straight away.

Expert help with getting your house ready for the Amsterdam housing market

At Scholten Makelaars, we believe that realising the best result in purchasing or selling your house is always a joint achievement. And so we also gladly help you deal with any issues concerning your house that require some extra attention. For example, a dodgy-looking wall socket, a loose banister, or we may advise you to do some outside or indoor paintwork to make your house even more presentable. And we don't just give advice – our facility experts can take on such jobs for you. We make your house market-ready while you sit back and relax. That is what we call carefree selling.

We have the technical knowledge and expertise to prepare your home for sale and purchase.
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What we do

Getting your house market-ready

You want to sell your house, but you know there is some unfinished maintenance work to be done - like some missing skirting boards or that rather outdated paintwork. Wouldn’t it be great to have a pair of expert eyes to help you out? To tell you which jobs you really should do before you put your house on the market? Or what you can leave for the new owners? And, of course, how much will this cost? We offer our advice and can also lend a hand in doing the required work. We make sure that your house is market-ready while you just sit back and relax.

Advice on creating a splendid presentation

Besides having a great eye for the technical or maintenance aspects, we also focus heavily on how we are going to present your house before it is listed. After all, house seekers always look at the photos first and you want your house to look splendid. We show you how you can optimally present your living spaces – where to position your furniture, how to get the most beautiful light, and which items you should be putting away for the time being. Don’t you have time or inspiration to style your rooms before the photographer comes? Don’t worry! Yes, you’ve guessed right, we’ll gladly come and help you.

Adding the finishing touches to your new house!

Did you just buy a new house and you can do with some advice on the odd jobs that still need finishing, or you'd welcome a handyman? We gladly come along to see what we can do and how much it will cost. Our facility experts don't just let their expert eyes roam around. They can also get the unfinished work done. So you can start packing boxes.

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