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More than of experience in Amsterdam

The success of Scholten Makelaars is mainly due to the fact that we put the wishes of our customers first. Every customer has different wishes to live happily ever after.

Your living environment is actually more important than the home itself. And Scholten Real Estate Agents realizes that very well.

As an NVM real-estate agent, Scholten Real-estate agents are knowledgeable and reliable. We know what it's all about when it comes to appraisals and negotiations. Our 20-meter-wide display window and placement on Funda ensures optimum promotion of your home.


Scholten Makelaars

Scholten Makelaars was established in 1984 and has since provided a fixed value in the Amsterdam real estate market. The organization now consists of real estate agents and real estate experts, with 11 employees serving you every day.

We focus on both home and commercial real estate. In addition, we are specialists in Real Estate Management of both rental and Owners Association. We also advise municipalities, entrepreneurs, investors, housing associations and project developers.

We have created a complete Living Experience at our office at Willem de Zwijgerlaan 119-123. Here, customers looking for a home can go to one place for everything that comes with buying a home. This includes mortgages, building inspections and advice on all additional other real estate related matters.

Feel free to come and see if we can be of service!


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Richard van Gaelen

Register real estate agent / Appraiser

Richard is born and raised in Amsterdam who carries out the real-estate agent and appraiser profession with a huge passion and drive. Richard has been working at Scholten since 1991. First, he carried out the administrative and technical management of, among others, the Association of Owners, which gave him a lot of architectural insight. Richard lives in Amsterdam. In addition to all the work for Scholten Makelaars clients, his family is also important. Richard is loyal, highly experienced and reliable and is also known for his expertise and thoroughness. But he can also be characterized as a pleasant citizen of Amsterdam.

Edson Serras Geraldes

Account manager

After an educational internship at the real-estate department of Scholten Makelaars in 2011, Edson subsequently joined the Management department for managing the Association of Owners, rental properties and investment portfolios. The combination of the financial and architectural aspects of property management is what he likes best about the profession. Looking for a good return in which the real estate is handled efficiently and qualitatively. Besides the passion for the stones, he enjoys traveling, his family and good food and drinks.

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Kim Schaap-van Koert

Office manager

After working at various real-estate firms for years, I have been part of the Scholten Makelaars team since July 2015. I think the great thing about working in real estate is the personal contact with our customers, since we guide them in taking a big step; buying or selling a home. Three times a week I enjoy the commute to beautiful Amsterdam from Purmerend, where I live with my husband and three children. In addition to working at Scholten Makelaars I enjoy going out with my family or eating out.

Salvador Toornend

Account manager VvE Beheer

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Priscilla van Heijningen​

Commercial assistant

From her HBO Communication training, Priscilla started her career as a Project Leader in the (international) research world and then worked for several years as a Marketing Manager at Mercedes Benz. In 2006 she finally made the switch to the real estate industry and has since worked part-time at the company Scholten Makelaars BV. Within our organization she can be deployed in various departments, but nowadays she is mainly involved in Rent Management and debtor monitoring in the (HOA) Management department. She is married, mother of 2 adolescent (daughter) daughters and loves the good things in life such as traveling, exercising and eating out.

Shirley Draisma

Front Office Real Estate Management

Shirley is a positive, energetic and driven lady. She has worked with passion in financial services for 18 years. She joined our team in April 2019, and her step within our real estate environment fits perfectly with her work experience. With her drive and striving for quality and customer satisfaction, it serves our customers and inspires our team.

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Sebastiaan Franke

real estate agent in training

After his secondary education, Sebastiaan started his internship at the real estate department of Scholten Makelaars in 2017. This educational internship has created a true passion for the profession at Sebastiaan. As a result, he obtained his education at the Academy for Real Estate. After this he came to strengthen the field service. He enthusiastically presents the property to be sold in the market.

Joost Scholten

Register real estate agent / Real estate specialist

In 1992 I started working as a holiday worker at my father's office. There, the affinity with Amsterdam real estate was developed and thus a full-time job. After studying real estate / appraiser and a few years of experience later, I took over the company from my father in 2003. The interest in real estate has become a major hobby. Still, I can free up enough time to exercise and enjoy spending time with my wife and 2 daughters. I am very happy that with a fantastic group of people we can help our clients with the most diverse real estate issues.

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Philip Scholten

Driven and honest, that's how Philip is characterized by our customers. After studying History, he has been active in Amsterdam real estate for many years now. He is happy to help you achieve the best return on the; purchase, sale or rental of housing.

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Corona measures
We will continue to be available between 09:00 and 17:00, but advise everyone to contact us as much as possible by telephone or email.

If you want to speak to an employee personally, make an appointment.

If you have an appointment planned but you have complaints such as a cold, runny nose, cough, etc., then cancel the appointment. If one of our employees does not feel fit, we will not take any risks and cancel the appointment from our side. We will contact you later to schedule a new appointment.

Come to an appointment with a maximum of 2 people. We do not shake hands, keep an appropriate distance and offer gloves, mask and shoe covers. Disinfection gel is also available. Always follow the broker's directions.

Do you have any questions about these measures? Please contact us on telephone number 020 689 05 05 or by email at makelaardij@scholten.

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