Valuator in Amsterdam

Valuator in Amsterdam

Valuating your home in Amsterdam

When you have found your dream house in or around Amsterdam, you generally need to get a valuation report on the house. Such a report indicates how the value of the house has been assessed, which is an essential part of a mortgage application. So this is a very important part of the process! Fortunately, this is our daily work and something you don't need to worry about. We will organise the valuation for you.

Certified valuators from Amsterdam

With over 40 years of experience in the Amsterdam housing market and with several registered brokers and certified valuators at your service, you can come to us for an expert valuation of your home. Whether it concerns a house, an apartment, or a commercial or investment property, we always draw up an independent valuation report.

Valuation of your house in Amsterdam by experienced valuators

The valuation report that you receive from us is (of course!) drawn up by one of our certified appraisers. Over the past 40 years, our brokers have seen more than 31,000 Amsterdam houses and are entirely up to date with all the latest developments. You will receive a validated appraisal report with a realistic estimate of the value of your home.

Independent house valuation in Amsterdam

Did you know that house valuations must always be done by an independent valuator? That means that the estate agency valuating your house cannot be the same agency you use to buy or sell a house. So we will not be able to carry out the valuation when you have commissioned us to mediate in the purchase of your new home. Naturally, we can recommend you another certified valuator from Amsterdam.

You may be curious to know how much a valuation will cost, but this differs per property. Please feel free to contact us, without any obligation, so we can tell you more.

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