Purchasing a property Amsterdam

You have decided to move and preferably you want a beautiful home that fits you and with an attractive price. We can help you with that. We dare to identify and advise.
We specialize in homes and can guide you through the purchase process from start to finish.

Of course, with the ultimate goal of a new home where it is wonderful to come home to. If you prefer to opt for a leaner form of service, that is also possible. This also determines the fee, or the commission, that we charge. We are happy to discuss the options with you.

Step 1


You may have recently looked at interesting properties on the Funda website or in a newspaper. And you probably already know what type of home you are looking for. Yet many questions still remain unanswered. Is that dream house feasible?

Is it interesting to buying for you? Do you have capital gain on your current home? We are happy to give you thorough advice, tailored to your personal situation. Our mortgage adviser kan je direct voorzien van een financiële check (en afwikkeling).

Step 2

Search for a suitable house

If the starting points are clear, the search can begin. Scholten Makelaars is connected to the NVM network in which all homes are registered that are being offered through NVM real-estate agents. Thanks to this network and the numerous sources of information we have access to, we know whether there is a house for sale that suits you and meets your property requirements.

Step 3

Guiding the viewings

If you see a property that appeals to you, we will quickly arrange a viewing for you. We will also guide you through this. We then pay particular attention to the maintenance of the home and any defects.

You can trust on Scholten Makelaars' thorough knowledge and experience.

Step 4

Extra research & structural inspection

If, during the viewing, it appears that there is overdue maintenance, we will inform you about this. We also give an indication of the associated costs. If necessary, we will advise you to engage an architectural specialist if you are seriously considering buying the property. If necessary, we will do the additional research ourselves. For example, by checking zoning plans, environmental aspects and other data in the register of the Land Registry, at Associations of Owners, municipality and province. For you by yourself, this requires a lot of investigation, but for us, with easy access to the various information sources, it is a matter of routine.

Step 5


We start negotiations on your behalf and make an offer that includes any resolutive conditions. As an appraiser, we have a lot of experience in determining the right price for a home. In the NVM network, we can also directly see what selling prices are and we can request information on, for example, zoning plans, building decisions, parking information or contaminated building land. All factors that can influence the purchase price.

Step 6


When the negotiations are successful, the notary draws up a purchase agreement. The agreements made are confirmed in writing and any resolutive conditions are included. We then check the purchase agreement or deed for accuracy. If all signatures have been placed, the purchase agreement is concluded. You will then receive a copy of the deed. From that moment on, you still have three days of legal consideration, during which you can still cancel the purchase.

Step 7

Settlement at the notary

Wij begeleiden je bij alle juridische en financiële zaken die nodig zijn voorafgaand aan de ondertekening van de akte van levering bij de notaris. Voordat je naar de notaris gaat, heb je als koper het recht de woning te inspecteren om te zien of alles in de afgesproken staat is achtergelaten. Wij begeleiden je bij deze inspectie en nemen samen de meterstanden op. Daarna gaan wij met je mee naar de notaris. Je bent namelijk pas officieel eigenaar van de woning als je de akte van levering bij de notaris hebt ondertekend en deze is ingeschreven in de openbare registers bij het Kadaster. 

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Come to an appointment with a maximum of 2 people. We do not shake hands, keep an appropriate distance and offer gloves, mask and shoe covers. Disinfection gel is also available. Always follow the broker's directions.

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