Property appraisal

An appraisal report is an overview of the appraisal of a home that has been prepared by an appraiser. Often this is an essential component for obtaining financing for the purchase of a new home. The document is intended to provide the bank with collateral for the loan from your home in Amsterdam (or in the region).

Property appraisal report

Scholten Makelaars employs various register appraisers for an expert appraisal of your home or business object. Appraisal is an important service provided by Scholten Makelaars. An appraisal report may be necessary for all kinds of purposes. For example, a banking institution with a mortgage application, the succession issue, estate separation, contribution to a private company, but also for the purchase or sale decision and the objections appraisals for the property tax assessment. In addition to our expertise in residential properties, we are specialized in apartments and investment properties.

Property appraisal

A bank requires that an appraisal is done by a certified appraiser. This is not only to the advantage of the bank or other lenders, it is also nice for yourself. A certified appraiser undergoes periodic education. This ensures that his or her knowledge is up to date. In addition, an appraiser has considerable experience and frames of reference for other properties in Amsterdam. This way you can assume that the appraisal is very accurate.

Appraiser of your home in Amsterdam

The appraisal of your home must be carried out by an independent appraiser. This means that this must be done by a party other than your own real-estate agent. You can of course ask to have your property agent arrange the appraisal of your home.

Property appraisal mortgage

In most cases, a home is appraised when someone starts applying for a mortgage to buy a home. The appraiser simply determines the market value of a house in the Amsterdam region. Calculating the market value is custom work. This means that it can deviate from the WOZ value that is composed of a calculation module from a previous period.

Appraise house for sale

Are you planning to sell your property in the Amsterdam region? Then an appraisal of the property can be very useful. However, an appraisal of a property is not mandatory for the selling party. It can, however, be useful if, for example, you have done a renovation or are curious about what your home could be sold for.

How does an actual appraisal work?

An appraiser will arrive at your home in Amsterdam at an agreed time. Before he / she starts working, he needs proof of ownership, cadastral information and drawings of your home in Amsterdam.

Property appraisal costs

The cost of appraising a property consists of various components. Such as the rate of the appraiser, the land registry costs, municipal costs, administration costs and VAT. Are you curious about what the cost of an appraisal is with Scholten Makelaars? Feel free to contact us without obligation.

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