Purchase broker in Amsterdam

Purchase broker in Amsterdam

Buying a house in Amsterdam

Do you think that buying a house in Amsterdam has become an impossible challenge? Or that the listed Amsterdam properties are not what you’re looking for. Well, we beg to differ! With over 40 years of experience, we know our way around, even in this overheated market. Our team consists of the perfect mix of seasoned brokers from Amsterdam and colleagues who bring a breath of fresh air to the Amsterdam housing market. Together, we leave nothing to chance. Our job is to find the house in Amsterdam that ticks your boxes - at a fair price.

Your house in Amsterdam

Our brokers do more than just selling and purchasing houses – we truly make Amsterdam your home. We tell you where to find the best local bike shop, the fastest public transport route to your work, and the most wonderful hidden gems such as great cafés and restaurants. After all, we know our city like the back of our hands and are more than happy to help you settle right in.

Are people telling you that finding a suitable home in Amsterdam has become impossible? With our input and advice, you will see what can be achieved. Together, we will find you a home.
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Using our brokerage services to act fast in the overheated Amsterdam housing market

Fair is fair, the Amsterdam housing market is hectic so, as purchase brokers, we have to act fast and decisively. That is why we think it's important to get to know you and your wishes well. We want you to ask all the questions you may have so we can make an inventory of your options. For example, is finding your dream home within the city feasible. Can you use the excess value on your current house? It allows us to respond quickly and use our network to find your house in Amsterdam.

Buying a house in Amsterdam? We carry out thorough inspections

When you have (already) spotted a house in Amsterdam that you’re interested in, we will, of course, assist you during viewings and carry out thorough inspections - with the help of experts if necessary. Such inspections will bring any constructional issues to light, you will know whether the Homeowners’ Association is financially healthy, or if there are any leasehold aspects you should be aware of. We make sure that there are no skeletons in the closet. You can rely on us.

We arrange everything and negotiate on your behalf so you don’t overpay. Especially in this market.

You can also leave the negotiating part to our expert brokers. Our job is to beat other real estate agents to it and make sure that you pay a fair price. And our work doesn't end with closing the deal. We guide you through every next step.

You only need to add your signature. Just lean back in one of our comfortable chairs in our office, living room or garden room. And enjoy our delicious coffee.

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