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Are you interested in buying a particular house in Amsterdam? Then it's time to get the finances in order. Our colleagues at De Hypotheekshop are already here to help you as you will find them at our address! They will gladly assist you with applying for a mortgage that entirely suits your wishes and situation. You can also contact De Hypotheekshop for independent advice on renewing or adjusting your existing mortgage.

Fully independent mortgage advice in Amsterdam

Mortgage advice needs to be clear and transparent and totally in line with your personal situation and your expectations for the future. De Hypotheekshop is affiliated with all the Dutch mortgage lenders so our colleagues will always find one that matches all your requirements at the lowest possible interest rate. We have no preferences for a particular bank or financial institution. So we can guarantee that you get fully independent advice.

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Are you financially ready to buy your dream house?

Are you looking for a house but you first want to know the mortgage you can get? Then don’t hesitate to contact our mortgage advisors. Together with you, we will look into your current situation and dreams for the future straight away. Such a meeting will result in clear advice on all the mortgage options.

A mortgage that is right for you

Congratulations on finding your new dream home! Now it is time to take out the mortgage. Needless to say that this requires a lot of paperwork and De Hypotheekshop can help you with that. We are fully independent and have no preference for any particular type of mortgage or mortgage lender. All that matters is that the mortgage you choose fits your house, personal situation, and expectations for the future. After our first meeting, we get to work to find the best possible mortgage. As soon as you are on board, we close the mortgage deal and make sure that the financial institution receives all the information and documentation they need. You don't have to worry about anything. All you want to do is start making wonderful plans for your new house.

Renewing your mortgage, can you reduce mortgage payments?

You already have a mortgage but you’d like to know if you can reduce your mortgage payments. Just get in touch with our financial experts of De Hypotheekshop. They will look into your current situation, find out what can be changed, and come back to you with the different options. They consider the most suitable mortgage lenders that, naturally, can offer the lowest interest and best conditions. And when you want to renew your mortgage, we take care of all the paperwork. You just leave it all to us!

In short: you don’t have to worry about any of the intricate details if you wish to take out or renew a mortgage. All you need to do is block a moment in your busy schedule to enjoy a cup of coffee at our office. See you soon!

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