Woning verkopen Amsterdam Zuid

Je hebt besloten om je woning in Amsterdam Zuid te verkopen. Het liefst wil je dat het verkoopproces zo soepel mogelijk verloopt en dat je een mooi bedrag krijgt voor jouw woning. Scholten Makelaars kan je daar goed bij helpen! Omdat wij ons verdiepen in de persoon achter “en in” de woning.

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Woning verkopen in Amsterdam Zuid

Je hebt besloten om je woning in Amsterdam Zuid te verkopen. Het begint natuurlijk allemaal met een uitgebreid informerend gesprek waarin we samen je wensen bespreken. Aansluitend geven wij je een advies op maat, gericht op je persoonlijke situatie.
Als gecertificeerd makelaar garanderen wij een goed advies over de marktwaarde van jouw woning in Amsterdam Zuid. In 2018 hebben wij successfully purchased and sold more than 280 homes.
Our customers rate our work with a 9.2, of which we are very proud of!

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Verkoopplan opstellen voor je woning in Amsterdam Zuid

It is important to have a good asking price for your home. To get to a good appraisal, we will thoroughly examine your property and delve into various sources of information. But the atmosphere and feeling also determine the price of a home. That is why we are focused on that!
Together with you we will look at what is desirable in your situation before we start sharing the home. Of course, on Funda and our own site Scholten.nl, but sometimes an advertisement in a newspaper or an open house promotion is useful. In any case, a sophisticated activity plan will be the basis.

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Uitvoeren verkoopplan in Amsterdam Zuid?

We coördinate and guide the viewings and will inform the viewers (and perhaps their purchasing real-estate agent) extensively. During personal contact with potential buyers, we can also find out which follow-up steps are needed to achieve a good end result. You do not have to be present at the viewings. Potential buyers often feel freer if the residents are not present at the viewings.

Step 4


Verkoop van je woning in Amsterdam Zuid

When the negotiations are successful, we or a notary in Amsterdam draw up a purchase agreement. The agreements are confirmed in writing and resolutive conditions are included
If all signatures have been placed, the purchase agreement is concluded. From that moment, the buyer still has three days of legal consideration, during which he or she can still cancel the purchase.

As soon as the notary has received the deed of purchase, he sets a date and time for signing the deed of delivery. Before you go to the notary, the buyer will usually want to inspect the property to see if everything is in the agreed condition. We supervise this inspection and record the meter readings together. Then we will join you to the notary to sign the deed of delivery.

We are also here for you after the sale. You can count on us if you have any questions after the handover.

Selling your property

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